2 in 1 Reading Goggles - Combine Work Safety Glasses with Reading Glasses

Updated: May 20, 2021

|Eye Protection, Side Shield, Anti-Fog, Goggles, Reader | Personal Protective Equipment

Make Your Reading & Work Easier

| Protective Lens with Power +1.5/+ 2.0/ +2.5/ +3.0 |

This shutter arm design safety glasses is commonly seen in the market. It is ideal and simple eye protection accessory as work glasses at home or at office. Nowadays, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also used for protecting eyes from virus.

Generally, this glasses is one-piece clear lens with no power. We consider the need for wearers who have presbyopia, so we add the magnification function on lens. When wearers need eye protection, meanwhile need to read document, paper, instruction, book, or on mobile phone, a pair of glasses which has these 2 functions is definitely perfect for them. It makes your work easier.

| Features |

  • 2 in 1: Protective gogles + Reading glasses

  • Ventilation: Shutter arm design for airflow.

  • Side Shield: To prevent any objects or liquid from harming eyes from any directions.

  • Anti-Fog & Heat Resistant: Anti-fog and heat resistant coating keeps the vision clear.

  • Stable & Comfortable: To make sure the glasses hug the contours of face nicely and tight, we offer International size and Asian size. In Asian fitting, front curvature is reduced for meeting the contours.

  • Power: +1.5/+ 2.0/ +2.5/ +3.0 available.

  • Good Quality: The transparent frame and lens are super clear without any bubbles and spots. The surface is smooth without any dents.

  • Lens & Frame Material: Made from durable and strong polycarbonate(PC)

Normal lens without power is also available.

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